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Our Reviews

Eric! He was always available to answer all my questions and find out anything I needed to know in a timely manner. Eric is the BEST!!

Sheryl Verdugo

Eric went above and beyond. He made himself available after-hours (for him) by cell because of the time-variance (East Coast / West Coast). I highly recommend Eric Dye.

Clark Aliano

I have worked with Katie Shepard and others at StaffLINK for about two years now. What distinguishes them from the competition is that they work very hard to find you what you need. You say most recruiters do? What makes them unique is that you develop a true and meaningful relationship with them. It’s real. It’s sincere. It’s genuine. They understand you and you understand them. High integrity and diligent work couple with a real relationship based partnership means that I only want to work with them. In fact, I have more fun with my relationships with the people at StaffLINK than I even do with my recruits. Yes, we’re in it together working for the same goals. But that relationship means that we completely understand and trust each other. Katie and Staff Link are simply THE BEST in the business.

Larry Bettag

It is such a pleasure working with Lindsay.  She is excellent at communicating with both myself and our possible recruits.  Not only does she source for us but she vets everyone thoroughly, sets up interview times, follows up with the recruits and us on a regular basis, and delivers bad news for us when necessary.  She also helps us manage anyone that may need to be replaced and is constantly checking to see how things are going with all our new hires.  With absolutely no hesitation I would recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for a quality recruiter.

Sarah Abrams

Lindsay is absolutely the best.  She helped me add a great processor to my team within a month.  She extremely knowledgeable and persistent!  She called references and gives me her honest opinion about potential new hires.  Which I really appreciate.  Go with Lindsay at StaffLink Consulting they have your best interest in mind!

Brian Sewell

Katie was out-of-this-world AMAZING! She not only found me the perfect candidate quickly, but she also prepared them for interview, explained in detail what the job roles were, and interviewed them before sending my way. I have been searching for an employee for a couple months with NO luck. Katie found me a high quality employee and QUICK! I will definitely be using StaffLINK when my team grows again – I am blown away by this experience!

Pam Abirached

Meg was phenomenal!  She was a true professional and made my transition to XPO flawless.  She has a working relationship with XPO and was able to deal directly with my manager in the on boarding process.  I would recommend Meg and the team at Stafflink to anyone looking for a carrier in the logistics field.

Brian Lee

Just wanted to let you guys know what a pleasure it has been getting to know Katie and working with her. She does a great job of listening to our needs and providing candidates that fit those needs. I also appreciate that she talks through a candidates strengths and opportunities with me and that she accepts when there seem to be “red flags” as opposed to looking past those just to get the candidate hired. I have been impressed with Katie’s follow-up and patience as we connect on different candidates. Katie always has an upbeat and positive attitude. We have been very pleased with the employees that we hired based her referral of them to us.

Cindy Shields

I used StaffLink Consulting whenever I was searching for a career move last year and Katie Yow really took good care of me. Katie took the time to listen to me regarding my needs & concerns about finding the right job and she made it happen for me! This was a first in working with a consulting company that actually made me feel like they had my best interest at heart. I now have the perfect job and I can’t thank her enough 🙂

Victoria St. John

Katie was an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s super friendly and personable and you truly feel she is working in your best interest. If she misses a phone call/email from you, she quickly responds and follows you through the entire process of job hunting. I personally got a phone call encouraging me before my interview, with a request to call her afterwards to let her know how it went. Katie was there through the whole thing, reaching out, making sure I didn’t need anything throughout. It was a very different experience for me, but she is definitely an asset to the company! I’d recommend her to anyone, hands down!

Kristie Davis

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Gelisa Edwards

Meg has been an absolutely perfect recruiter! She always responded very quickly and provided me with updates as soon as she had any; even when she was away from work she had her manager, Eric, help me with whatever I needed. Because of her attentiveness, I never felt ignored or uninformed while working with her.

She always had a very enthusiastic attitude, so I was always happy to get a call from her. Her positive attitude definitely proves that she is meant to work with people.

I did end up getting the job, but even if I didn’t I would have still recommended her because she was that great!

Amber Smith

My name is Brett Buzek and I was lucky enough to have Miss Katie Yow from Stafflink help me out with
my employment search. I want to give a breakdown of my road to employment as well as provide a very
high recommendation for Stafflink and in particular, Katie. I work in a very competitive employment
industry with people constantly fighting for many of the same positions. So, after a couple of months of
dead ends, I decided to take a crack with Stafflink. I was a little hesitant at first as I had never gained
employment through an agency before, but Katie made it not only stress free but a lot of fun too, which
I wasn’t expecting. While working with Katie, I was extremely comfortable, it was like she was an old
friend trying her best to help me get employed as quickly as possible. She had great communication
throughout the process. I ultimately ended up getting the position and a lot of it was due to the fact that
Katie was consistently communicating exactly what to expect and giving me coaching tips for upcoming
interviews. Even afterwards, Katie checks in to make sure I am doing well and to say hi!

All in all, this was a fantastic experience and Katie and her gang over at Stafflink are highly
recommended for anybody that is looking for a new position and wants someone who is going to treat
them great and really cares about helping them out throughout the employment process.
With gratitude,

Brett Buzek

Meghan is the most professional recruiter I have ever worked with! She asks the right questions to find out who is truly a good fit for a position and is very picky about who she selects. She follows up several times after the process to ensure everything is going great with the job! I would highly recommend Meghan over any other recruiter!

Shannon Cooper

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Brett Lindquist